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About Us

Founded in 1973 by the Sirkin family, Satellite Metal stands among the top companies and operates in the field of die manufacturing and maintenance as well as in the stamping and in the assembly of complex metal parts. We are your trusted manufacturer and supplier of metal stamping parts. As a leading die manufacturing company, we provide comprehensive solutions, from custom metal stamps and stamping designs to final packaging. Satellite Metal Inc. has adapted to the evolution and change of the industry by offering continuous training to its entire team. Our avant-garde way of thinking has also allowed the implementation of improved processes as well as an ISO 9001 certified quality control system.


In June 2021, Mr. Sirkin handed the reins over to two experienced entrepreneurs, Alexandre Masse and Sylvain Beaudet. It is with concern for the company's growth that these two entrepreneurs embarked on this new phase. Thus ensuring the development and expansion of a business that is an integral part of the local economy. Thanks to its vertical integration and qualified teams, Satellite Metal offers a turnkey service to its customers.


The company serves the construction, window and door manufacturing, ventilation and medical industries, including one of the largest medical equipment companies in the world.

Alexandre Masse and Sylvain Beaudet, Owner of Satellite Métal
À propos de Satellite Métal

Our Vision

Satellite Metal aims to be an industry leader by providing innovative solutions, fair pricing and exceptional service.


What sets us apart is the attention we pay to our work environment treating all of our employees, customers and suppliers with respect and gratitude.

Our strength lies in our ability to adapt to the needs of our customers and to changing markets. We take on the role of partner and offer our clients personalized services to undertake the most complex projects and help our clients achieve their goals. 


We achieve this through our ability to remain nimble and hands-on, and by keeping our business structure simple and efficient. Our concern for growth amplifies our offer, our expertise and allows us to better meet the needs of our customers.


Show transparency

Our products and our culture aim to ensure that teams and our customers can identify who is doing what, by when and why. We thus benefit from an optimal experience and obtain better results.


Very often, great achievements are not made by one person, but by a team of people. We are committed to excellence and speed, without ever sacrificing one for the other. We then give our all, put aside our egos and work with empathy and trust to go as far as possible together.

Give and take responsibility

Our integrity goes hand in hand with all of our commitments. It remains anchored in us both when we have the opportunity to seize exciting opportunities and when we take responsibility when something goes wrong. We accept full responsibility for our commitments and empower others with the means and confidence they need to achieve theirs.

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