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Metal Stamping Services


We accompany you at all stages of your project.

Precision meets excellence in our custom metal parts manufacturing services. Satellite Metal is your trusted company for metal stamping services and custom metal packaging. From metal part design to packaging, we've got you covered.

Metal Part Design

We have the expertise necessary to optimize your design ideas throughout the production process.


While remaining the true market expert in your field, when you bring us your design, we will make it our mission to accompany you through the various manufacturing strategies and guide you towards the best choices for your project.

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Die Design

Our Die Designers have the experience to execute any projects you may have.


Before the official start of your project, we carry out an exhaustive evaluation of the feasibility of your metal part with the help of specialized software. Whether it's a simple manual die or a complex progressive one, our experts will take you step by step through the process so decisions are simplified and easy to make.

Die Manufacturing

Our manufacturing expertise in die fabrication has been developed over the last 50 years.


Our designs and manufacturing of these pieces are done entirely in-house. This allows us to have complete control over process from start to finish including data confidentiality. As a leader in our field, we work with latest innovative equipment to manufacture a wide variety of die; from the simplest to the most complex.

Metal Part Design
Matrix Design
Matrix Design & manufacturing

EDM Cutting

Since 1995, we have perfected our know-how in electro-erosion cutting allowing us to carry out complex and precise cuts.


This method uses specialized machines working by removing metal and operating with electrical stresses resulting in perfect precision.

EDM Cutting


Stamping is a process of transforming and shaping flat metal with the help of various Die.


Our teams provide you with a wide range of mechanical presses up to 300 tonne capacity. Our presses can receive most of your tools or use die designed or manufactured by our in-house experts. Stamping can be done from pre-cut parts or be fed by metal coils: all ensuring continuous production at high throughput. We also have the possibility of using different materials such as steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, and many others.

Services d'emboutissage des métaux

Deburring and Tribofinishing

We provide you with our deburring machine commonly known as Tribofinishing.


The specificity of this technology is related to the barrel containing in part various abrasives. The metal parts are deposited and deburred thanks to the movements of the media. Deburring eliminates unwanted excess metal clinging to the part during cutting. It is sometimes essential to remove this thin layer of unwanted metal called a burr. This allows us to optimize the assembly process, part handling and coating application.


We handle various assembly projects ranging from basic two-component rivets to more complex assemblies of springs, cables, rubber parts and multi-function components. We produce numerous assemblies by pressure which include bearings, screws, and nuts.

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We offer turnkey solutions for the finishing of your parts. Painting, zinc plating and silver plating are all available processes.


To optimize your deliveries and transportation, we have a variety of options from a simple box to personalized packaging and everything in between.

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"We carried out the assembly tests of the 50 prototypes that we entrusted to Satellite Metals. Only one word comes to mind: perfect. Everything worked without problem. We greatly appreciated the progress of this project."

Yohann Fouchet

Technical service coordinator - production

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